First Class Pineapples

Highest Quality In The World 

We produce the MD2-Variety grown in Panama, recognized as one of best quality pineapples in the world. Panama’s pineapples are planted and cultivated in a continuous cycle, making harvesting consistent and sustainable.
Higher Brix
Panama’s growers produce pineapples with higher sugar levels, which is a measure of fruit maturity, making them sweeter than most other pineapples.
Extraordinary Growing Conditions
Unparalleled by fruit growers in other parts of the world, the unique, bright red-colored clay soil in Panama contains pH levels of between 5 and 5.5, along with the optimum hours of natural tropical sunlight.
Health Benefits 
Furthermore pineapples have several health benefits, they contain Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant and can help remove toxins in bodies and boost immune systems.

Packing Facility


 Maintaining the highest quality pineapples for its customers


Has been in operation for over 21 years and can pack up to 160,000 kilos of premium pineapples per week


Just 46 miles from Tocumen International airport, the air logistics hub of Central America, and 30 miles from sea ports serving both the Atlantic and Pacific


Specialized in air shipped pineapples in addition to sea container shipped pineapples