Pineapple Cultivation

Step 1.

This phase is done two months before the planting date. This consists on preparing the land to receive the seeds by the improving of superficial drainage and soil structure. The land preparation period is also considered the intercrop period. At the end of the land prep period, we bring the seeds to the field and plant them in blocks of of 7 or 14 beds. using 60,000 seeds per hectare.

Step 2.

This step is after planting is called the growing period. around 8 or 9 months after planting our seeds, we will have the right condition to be forced.

On this phase we will artificially induce plants to produce fruit at the same time, with this we will have a more uniform and controlled harvest. This phase also includes three important sub phases:

1. Dry Fertilization

2. Beginning of Foliar Nutrition

3. Beginning of Crop Protection


With the Forcing we will start with the fruit development period, this will take around 5 or 6 months.
During this period we will take care of the fruit by controlling pest and diseases, that could potentially affect the quality of the fruit. at the end of this period we will get into the first harvest and collect around 94k kilos of our premium fruit!
We get ready for our second harvest by trimming the canopy of the old plantation, in this way the mother plant will produce a regrowth that will produce the second growth plantation.

First Seed Collection: We start the growing period of the second harvest plantation,

The growing period of the second harvest lasts about seven months! Also we use some of the regrowth from our mother plant and use them as seed stock for the new fields.

After the seven month growing period we will then force the plantation again inducing the plants.
After forcing the second harvest plantation we will have a 5 month period again to during this time our second fruit will grow to be ready for the harvest.