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As explained under “our story” a group of family farms in Panama have formed a grower’s alliance, Caimito Fruits, to help meet demand for their high-end exotic pineapples from retailers and distributors worldwide.


The first Caimito Fruits shipments are going to Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. Negotiations in other countries are ongoing in order to continue to expand the market for Panama’s premium pineapples.

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                                                                                                Premium Pineapples

The premium air shipment market is a natural one for Panama growers as they have a logistical advantage over growers in Costa Rica and other countries. This is because Tocumen International Airport, the air logistics hub for Central America, is close by the farms thereby allowing the pineapples arrive fresh to their destinations. Due to this focus on freshness, the Panamanian pineapple is now a fashionable, preferred and exclusive commodity for exotic fruit retailers throughout Europe.